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We Believe in Personal Empowerment

Healthy Wealthy Wise is a slogan that we use and everyone has heard their entire life.

But, what does it truly mean ?

Individually each of these three words is quite simple to understand yet the sum of the three words together has an altogether different flavor.

We believe Healthy Wealthy Wise combines to give an all encompassing holistic approach to your entire life.

It means accepting all the things that we cannot control, living our lives to become better human beings, and to not allow capitalism’s vast commercialization to warp what our vision is for our lives.

Slow down, look around at the natural world, recognize that humans are not the center of life on Earth, Feel your place on this planet.

What can you do ?

If you are interested in contributing to human well-being with unique and exciting ideas and thoughts we welcome your input.

Contact us via email giving some idea of yourself and what ideas excites you and how you feel we can help you get your thought out to our audience.

Contact us at wise@healthyhumantoday.com

Our Team

We are a team of exciting think-out-of-the-box writings and businessmen who like to turn some of our preconceived notions on their head.

To ask What before we try to answer why and to get everyone to have the tools to take positive control over their lives and health.

What we can do ?

If the secret to health, wealth, and happiness were only this simple, we could all be living our dream lives – robustly healthy, at least moderately rich, and as happy as we could possibly be.  Unfortunately, life is a bit more complicated than that.  Even knowing what is true is not always easy.  Today we struggle to know what kind of food is really good for us and what we should avoid.  We try to keep up with the latest health advice, but then can’t be sure that it is truly unbiased health advice or cleverly disguised advertising.  We try to eat right and exercise in a world that seems geared towards preventing those things.  There are times when becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise seems like an impossible dream.

Approaching health, wealth and happiness in a holistic, all-encompassing way may be the key.  We are a part of nature, but not the only part that matters.  We are not the center of the universe, even if we act as though we are, so we need to live our lives the best way we can while always considering the needs of others as well as ourselves.  A holistic approach to health means we can’t be concerned only with our own health – we need to consider the health of everything else, up to and including our planet, when we make decisions.  We need to resist capitalism’s continual pressure to consume with no thought of the consequences and be mindful of the results of our actions.

A life lived mindfully is one that spends time in nature, one that does not believe possessions are all-important, one that actively cares for others, be they human others, animal others, or the world as a whole.  Slow down and look around you – how can you help to make the world a better place?  Join our member to get more dedicated information.

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