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Arthritis Pre-Care

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that arthritis is something that most people end up getting and that its very logical that each person has more or less propensity for the condition. For example, Person A and B both have highly physical jobs but both will not end up with equal arthritis conditions after a lifetime of work. It is more likely that one of those 2 will be more susceptible to the impact of the physical work and they will have strong symptoms.
Palm Springs California is a Hub for Knee and Hip replacements mainly because it is also a highly desirable area for retirees to end up at. As a result of this seemingly unrelated fact the local doctors and Chiropractors have a unique perspective on the condition of Arthritis. Let’s take a real-life case study for an early retiree whom we will call Man1.
Man1 is not yet 60 but has had advanced Arthritis in both knees for many years and recently has had both knees replaced. He also has arthritis in both hips which typically cause him pain to walk although not so great as to lower his quality of life, however he does take Tylenol Arthritis semi regularly. Man1 also has many decades of going to a Chiropractor 4 to 6 times per year all for the same issue, the left hip sacroiliac causing shooting pain.

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Curiously it turns out that his left knee was far more arthritic than the right and that his left hip is also the more advanced Arthritis. Any Chiropractor in the area will tell you that the longer of two legs will be the one that has the worse arthritis and that will need chiropractic adjustments.
Man1 added a 6mm or ¼ inch homemade orthotic lift (layers of cardboard in truth) to his right shoe to test his chiropractor’s assertion that all his issues are linked to the one short leg. After a week we interviewed Man1 to see what if anything he has noticed.
Unsurprisingly he has noticed some small aches as his back and back muscles adjust to this new yet only slightly different stance. His hips no longer both him at all and while we were not aware of this being an issue, he also no longer wakes each morning with back pain. He claims to feel 20 years younger than his years.
So perhaps Arthritis was not the root cause issue after all, and that something as simple as ¼” shorter leg over a lifetime of walking, running, and sports coupled with the changed angles in the knees and hips as in fact simply wore out the joint cushions far more rapidly that normal, regardless of his propensity for arthritis.
Perhaps we need to consider Pre-Care rather than Healthcare for Arthritis, perhaps measuring our leg lengths should be standard practice once we reach out 20’s and everyone needing it gets orthotic shims to correct the out of balance issue before it has a lifetime to wear out our knees and hips. Think of the money that could be saved in healthcare, not to mentions the enormous quality of life upswing for all the potentially hundreds of thousands of men and women.

So when you think about Arthritis in the knees and hips the first thing you should consider is what factors are causing this condition ? During knee and hip replacement the goal is always to replace exactly the joint that is being removed which means that if you have one shorter leg that is causing or adding to the Arthritis then you will not have actually corrected that part and you will still have other symptoms such as sore back and perhaps other joints that will have accelerated arthritis.health life

So what to do ? You can get your leg length measured at many clinics and it is highly recommended to get this done. Remember that you have to be the primary person in charge of and taking control of your own health care.