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Bean Bowls

Bean Bowls are a very versatile dish. Fast and Easy to Make but at the same time forgiving in terms of what ingredients you want to use or have at hand.
They are extremely healthy and good for you, they make the ideal Diabetic Lunches.

Healthy Bean Bowl Recipe

1/2 cup chopped or shredded Meat
1 Cup Cooked Beans
1 Carrot, pealed and chopped into tiny pieces
1 Celery Stick, chopped into tiny pieces
1 Optional Vegetable, chopped into tiny pcs
1/2 cup Optional shredded Cheese

Mix in large bowl and enjoy.


1. MEAT:
Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Steak are ideal.
Pre-cook or use leftovers and freeze 1/2 cup zip lock bags for fast and Easy Lunches.

Precook the Bean of your choice, we prefer Chick Peas. Place in 1 cup zip lock bags in the freezer for Fast and Easy Lunches.
We do not recommend using canned Beans on a regular basis because of the elevated sodium content, the Cost, as well as the potential additives.

Broccoli, Cauliflower, spinach are ideal but you can use any of your choice. Chop them into small pieces to make each bit a flavor coracopia

Any of your choice but we recommend using the Thousand Island or French’s that are featured here.
Fast and Easy to make without any concerns about commercial additives.
You can use Store bought dressing in a pinch but we highly recommend homemade dressing as it is far cheaper and far better tasting than anything you can buy in a store.

As long as its shredded or finely cubed any cheese will do.


Bean Bowls can become a super convenient lunch if you plan ahead and utilize your Freezer to have small zip lock bags of Beans and Meat ready to go.
Chopping vegetables, cheese, and making the dressing takes minutes so these should be done when you are making lunch.
Once you start making Bean Bowls you will quickly find yourself adding ingredients of your choice and customizing this extremely versatile Recipe to your personal tastes.