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Creating a Mobile App From Scratch

You can create a mobile app completely on your own without using one of the many app-creation websites out there.

To do that, you must be prepared to invest a significant amount of time and energy into the process, as well as learning at least the basics of coding.

Doing It Yourself: APP Outline

The first step in crating your own app is to come up with the basic concept.  What do you want your app to do?  What function will it perform that will make people want to use it?  Any app must serve a purpose.

Once that has been established, you will need to draw out what you want your app to look like.

Then draw out how each page will look as the user navigates through the app.

Is there a Demand ?

You’ll need to do some market research. Ask people what they think of the concept and find out how they would like the app to function.

You do not have to follow any of the advice you are given if it doesn’t fit your vision.  You should, however, listen to your potential customers.  This can often give you insights and ideas that will be valuable throughout the process of creating your app.

Can you Write the Code ?

The next step involves creating the actual user interface designs for your app.  There are software programs out there that will help you with that process, but it will be up to you to make sure that you are conforming to the rules for either Android or iOS systems.

If you don’t do this, your app will not work with either platform.  This is the stage where you turn your user interface into an actual application, and this is where you will need to invest some time and effort.

There are software programs that will help you with this process, but it is still nowhere near as simple and easy as the one-click process offered by app-creation websites.

Test, Test, Test

When you think you are finished, you can get some “test subjects” to use the app for a set number of hours.

These test users willbgive you feedback so that you can repair any obvious flaws before releasing the app to the public.