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Diabetes 1 & 2

Diabetes 1 & 2

While these Conditions are similar they have some rather large differences.
Type 1 Diabetes is effectively 100% insulin dependent because the body’s immune system has destroyed the cells which release insulin into the body all together.
Type 2 Diabetes generally is because your body is producing too little insulin OR it is unable to effectively use the insulin it has.

Why is it so Serious ?

So, what’s the big Deal ? Well Insulin is not used to only Control Blood sugar levels directly buinjectionst instead the body uses the insulin to get the blood sugar from the bloodsteam into each cell.

Low blood sugar really means low levels of sugar getting into our muscle cells.

Diabetes Symptoms:

Diabetes 1 Symptoms:

Type 1 Diabetics are usually found out early in life because the symptoms of high blood sugar levels are profound enough that they ended up in hospital or a doctors office.

Diabetes 2 Symptoms:

This is generally diagnosed without symptoms and yet 95% of the diabetic patients in North America have Type 2 Diabetes.

What are the Top 5 Things you need to do to Live with Diabetes :
1. Exercise regularly, at least 3 times per week.
2. Loose Weight, Consult your family doctor to get a realistic goal weight.
3. Never Ignore the fact that you have Diabetes. This condition needs you to modify your lifestyle in order to control it effectively.
4. Change your eating patterns to minimize the swings in Blood sugar levels throughout the day.
5. IF You Ignore Diabetes it will most likely lead to your Blindness and loss of fingers, toes, feet, hands, legs, arms.
YES. Diabetes is serious and significant.

Diabetes is all about What You Eat !

Top Foods to Avoid when you have Diabetes:

The main goal in changing your diet is to avoid foods that slam your body with high levels of Sugar.
If you take that basic rule to hearth you can see why foods like Processed Foods, Restaurant Fast Food, Processed Apple Juice, Candy, Ice Cream, Even Melons which contain high fructose levels with low Fiber.

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Foods that are Good for you and Diabetes:

Foods whose sugars are slow release or are coupled with high fiber content. As an example processed Applie Juice is not good because the entire qty of sugar in the juice enters your blood stream in minutes.
However take that same Apple and actually eat it and the fiber with all the other elements making up the apple actually slow down that fructose process in your body and gives you a much smaller sugar spike and a much longer sugar duration in the blood stream.
All good !

Top Suggested Diabetic Recipes:

Try these Samplings of member approved recipes and we are sure you will agree they are delicious and you will want more !

1. Crustless Pizza Recipe
2. Bean Bowls
3. Bunless Burgers
4. French’s Homemade Salad Dressing
5. Thousand Island Homemade Salad Dressing Recipe