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Rheumatoid Arthritis can turn your life into a minefield of unexpected difficulties. You may suddenly discover that you can no longer open jars and bottles.  It may become difficult to walk without losing your balance and falling over. You may find yourself unable to take a shower because you can’t climb over the edge of the bathtub.  Some people find that it is too painful to carry plastic grocery bags that cut into their hands. You may be relieved to hear that there are many handy gadgets and easy fixes that will make your life much easier.

Opening Jars

Jar openers are gadgets – usually battery-operated – that easily open jars with no effort at all on your part. The twisting motion required to open a jar lid is one of the most common motions to cause extreme pain, so this is a handy gadget to have. There are also gadgets that look like oddly-shaped pliers with large grips that can be used to open smaller jars or bottles.

Walking Aids

If your arthritis affects your feet, and therefore your balance, it will help you greatly to get a cane. There are many styles to choose from, so you will have to decide which kind will work best for you, but once you have made your choice, walking will be easier and you will feel much safer. Non-slip shoes, socks, and slippers will make for surer footing in all situations, too.

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