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Planned Obsolescence and Your Data

Capitalism and its endless, relentless quest for more and more money, has blessed us all with a concept called “planned obsolescence”.

What exactly is it ?

The meaning of this innocuous-sounding phrase is that products in today’s world are deliberately designed to fail within a planned time frame, forcing the consumer to replace the product on a regular basis. This allows the producer to sell more products, thus making more money. The concept, of course, is more complicated than that, but for our purposes this explanation will suffice. The whole concept of planned obsolescence is particularly prevalent in the computer and high-tech industry, since new discoveries and inventions happen very quickly in these fields. The result of this is a rate of technology obsolescence that is truly breathtaking, whether planned or not.

Technology and Data Storage

The fact that technological progress occurs so rapidly is a cause for concern when it comes to data storage. Since most data needs to be stored for years, the fear that the storage medium could become obsolete before the data is no longer needed is a very real one. This is why it is important to make sure you are keeping up with developments in the tech industry and making sure that data backups are being done on technology that will be available for a long time. I’m sure most of us remember the days of the 3.5 inch floppy, and how many companies were left with giant stacks of useless discs because they became obsolete.

Having a Plan is Critical

It is crucial to plan for obsolescence to occur, and to make sure that not only is your current data being properly stored on a device that will still be relevant for several years, but that you are also transferring previously stored data onto newer storage devices as necessary. This will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.