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Professionally Written Resumes

When you are looking for a job and you need to create a resume that will get you the exact job you want, it may be best to look for a professional resume writer.

Resume Quality Counts

The job market today is highly competitive, and an ordinary or less-than-perfect resume has little or no chance of getting you onto the short list for most positions. Most of us have only written one or two resumes in our lives, so we don’t really know how to do it well. It is difficult to condense your work history, your education, your skills and abilities, and your volunteer activities into two pages and still manage to include all the necessary information, so handing that chore over to a professional can not only spare you a lot of stress, it can also give you a much better chance of landing your dream job.

How to choose Resume Writing Services

There are hundreds of professional resume-writing websites – the trick is to find one that can deliver the resume you need for a price you can pay. This is trickier than you would think, since bigger companies that have a lot of writers usually charge more, but not all of the writers will have the same talents or the same amount of experience. Smaller companies that are just starting up may have a lot of talent, but charge less money. Your best bet is to check out several companies that look like they might be able to deliver what you need, being sure to check their professional credentials and certifications, and then discuss your needs with a writer from each company that has some expertise in writing resumes for people in your field of work. Ask to see examples of their work, and from there you can choose which one you can work with easily, and you’ll be ready to start.

Resume Professional Writers

One of the more popular and widely used professional resume writing companies is RPW or Resume Professional Writers. They score consistently high on customer satisfaction surveys, and offer comprehensive services that are reasonably priced.

Chapman Services

If you are looking for a broader range of services, you can try Chapman Services. Their prices are somewhat high, but they offer additional services that may help you land your ideal job, like coaching for interviews and salary negotiations.

Resume Valley

If you’re looking for a more budget-conscious option, Resume Valley has lower prices but still offers a superior product.