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Resume Builder – Cornerstone to Success

More jobs go to people with resume created with a Resume Builder than not.

Today’s workforce is highly competitive.  Personnel managers deal with dozens or even hundreds of applications for every available job.

Resume Builders Make you Stand Out

The normal procedure for a hiring manager or recruiter is to skim through all the resumes that people have submitted.  They choose only those that make it very clear very quickly that the person meets the requirements of the position.

The recruiter puts the likely-looking resumes to one side.  Those that are not selected for the short list don’t usually get looked at again for that job.

The resumes that make it to the short list are the ones the interview list comes from. That is why having a great resume is vitally important.

Steps to Create a Perfect Resume

Writing that resume, though, is no longer the simple task it was years ago.

Today’s resume needs to catch the eye of a hiring manager in only a few seconds, so your resume needs to be something special.

One chance at a Good Initial Impression

The better your resume looks, the more likely you are to be put on the short list. The short-listed resumes will be read all the way through instead of just quickly skimmed as they were in the first round.

Since most people don’t write resumes on a regular basis, it is hard to know what to do to make your resume the best it can possibly be.

This is where resume builder programs com into play.

Resume Builder Websites can Help

There are lots of websites that allow you to choose a template and use it as a base to build your resume on.

Some websites are free, although they tend to be the more basic ones, with fewer options to choose from.

Other websites have a basic free option, a mid-level option for a small fee, and a more expensive deluxe option with extra services.

Pongo is one of those sites, offering three different levels of service, depending on the price you want to pay.