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A Resume Search is Step one

Step one in creating a World Class Resume is to perform a Resume Search. You should look at what layout employers are looking for.

Finding a job that pays well and that you enjoy doing is a real challenge.

What are Employers looking for ?

There are so many things that you need to consider before putting your resume out there.

The first thing to do before putting pen to paper is a Resume Search. Figure out what your Resume needs to look like.

You may be well aware that your education, training, hobbies, interests, and social media presence will all be looked at by your prospective employer, but there is another layer of screening that you may not have considered.

It is resume-checking software, a form of automated screening that looks for keywords in your resume.   This software automatically eliminates those that don’t meet the criteria set by the employer.

Resume Checking Software

Automated screening software is becoming the norm with employers. Putting applicants through this kind of screening will allow human resources personnel to spend less time selecting applicants to interview.

Keywords for each type of job can be entered into the software. The software then generates a list of suitable applicants from the resumes on file.

Start with a thorough Resume Search

This is an efficient way to proceed if you are an employer. It can create a real stumbling block for people who may have great credentials but a resume that has not been written with screening software in mind.

Again, the key here is to do a thorough Resume Search and start out with a good resume layout plan.

Issues your Resume can have

The biggest problem with automated screening software is that it has trouble establishing context.

It looks at small sections of your resume, searching for keywords and phrases that match its criteria.  Then it puts those through a parser that sorts the information into sections: education, work experience, contact information, etc. and either accepts or rejects your resume based on those words.

How to Optimize your Resume

The best way to work with resume screening software is to use keywords from the posted job description in your resume.

The job description is where the keywords will be taken from to start the applicant screening process.  Using those keywords will give you a better chance of making it through.

You can check how your resume will do when it comes up against automated screening, by using a website.  There are websites that allow you to scan your resume and see how it would do in that situation.

Rezscore lets you submit your resume and get a report on how it stacks up against automated screening at no cost.

There are many other websites that offer similar services.  It should be simple to find one that meets your needs.