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Online Presence & your Resume

If you had a near perfect Interview but failed to get the job it is likely because of a bad Web or Online Presence.

We all like to think that our work lives are completely separate from our home lives.  At one time that was generally true, but it is not the case today.

Your Online Presence has become a snapshot of who you are.  It tells the world a lot about you.

When your employer had no way of seeing what you were doing with your time off – short of following you around, or hearing gossip at work – then what you did in your own time was your own business.

It is no longer like that in the world of work.

Employers Check Social Media

Nearly half of employers today look at the social media pages of prospective employees before offering them an interview.  That number is increasing all the time.

You may expect them to look at your LinkedIn profile, but your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other accounts are also accessible.  Be prepared for them to be examined as well.

Everyone does foolish things at some point in their lives, but today, those foolish things tend to end up endlessly displayed on the internet. This allows everyone to see them forever.

A ten-year-old picture of you smoking a joint or performing a drunken stunt may not mean anything to you.  You have since matured, grown past it, and forgotten all about it.

It hasn’t gone away, though, and can come back to haunt you at the worst possible moment.

Remove this from Social Media

Changing your Online Presence to remove anything that could prevent you from getting a job is critical.

Fixing your Web Presence is just as important as having a good Resume.

Remember that the vast majority of employers will not overlook drug use of any sort, or excessive drinking. They view weapons of any type, angry, threatening posts, or any kind of antisocial behavior as a huge red flag.

Any of these things on your social media can prevent you from getting a job.

The best way to stop your social media pages from damaging your search for work is to make sure that nothing of that nature is displayed on any of your social media accounts.

Online Presence & Social Media

There are things that show up on your social media pages that will help you to get the job you want.   Things like hobbies, which demonstrate that you have healthy interests and are passionate about something, blogs about your life (especially if they are well written and interesting), and well-done videos that showcase what you do in your spare time.

All of these things can increase your chances of getting an interview. Therefore, tidying up your social media pages before sending your resume out is a really good idea.